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处方药对于保持身体健康是不可或缺的. On this page, you can view our formularies (lists of covered medications) and lists of zero-dollar copay generic medications for chronic conditions. 您也可以比较您的保险选项的非首选, preferred (brand-name), generic, and specialty medications to get the most out of your plan coverage.


We have answers. Please read our Pharmacy FAQ.


事先授权可能会令人困惑. This one-page overview can help you understand the steps your provider and True Health New Mexico need to take when your prescription drug requires prior authorization.

How to Choose the Right Plan for Your Pharmacy Needs During Open Enrollment

购买2022年的健康保险? 别忘了考虑你的药房需求. Our 开放注册药房指南 can help you.


你是阿尔伯克基公立学校的雇员吗? Visit Express Scripts® 获取您的药房福利信息. 

To preview our 2022 formularies and other drug lists, please visit this page.

个人/家庭用药清单 & Small Group Plans




We have tips to help our members with asthma and diabetes lower their out-of-pocket expenses.


Providers can find drug safety reports, opioid management program resources, and more on this page.

Programs & 其他重要信息

Other Drug Lists

自2021年1月1日起生效 $25 insulin copay cap 会为我们的成员准备好吗. Existing members who are impacted by this change have been notified by mail.

This new program will apply a copay of no more than $25 per 30-day supply of 我们推荐胰岛素 OR a 医学上必要的选择 (无论是否在处方上). Medically necessary alternatives will be reviewed through the normal pharmacy prior authorization process. If approved, the alternative will process for a $25 copay per 30-day supply (or less, 如果产品的全部成本低于25美元).

  • Outpatient infusions for maintenance medications may be administered in several different settings:  in a hospital-based infusion clinic, at a provider office, 在流动输液室, or at home.
  • 在许多情况下,门诊输液是 less expensive for members in a provider office, at an 动态注入套件, or, when feasible, at home.
  • 对于某些注射药物,真健康365电竞足球比分 requires 会员使用我们指定的注射搭档, Optum Infusion Services. 您可以在这里找到Optum输液服务 (505) 830-1800.
  • 在这个关怀中心项目中, members move from the outpatient hospital infusion setting to a lower-cost and generally more convenient setting. The most appropriate site of care will vary depending upon the particular drug involved.
  • True Health New Mexico is currently contracted for infusion services with Optum Infusion Services and HME Specialists, 以及其他一些供应商. Members can contact Customer Service for more details about contracted infusion providers.
  • Below is the list of drugs currently included in the Site-of-Care Program and that must be provided by Optum Infusion Services. 这些注入的药物也需要事先授权才能使用.
    • Actemra
    • Aralast NP
    • Benlysta
    • Bivigam
    • Carimune
    • Cimzia
    • Entyvio
    • Flebogamma
    • Gammagard liquid
    • Gammagard S/D
    • Gammaked
    • Gammaplex
    • Gamunex-C
    • Glassia
    • Hyqvia
    • Inflectra
    • Lemtrada
    • Ocrevus
    • Panzyga
    • Privigen
    • Remicade
    • Renflexis
    • Rituxan
    • Simponi Aria
    • Stelara IV
    • Tysabri
Opioid Program

阿片类药物项目:该项目旨在解决阿片类药物的过度使用, which, 根据疾病控制和预防中心(CDC), is an epidemic in the U.S. You may notice restrictions on the strengths or quantities of high-potency opioid pain medications that can be dispensed at the pharmacy.

了解阿片类药物滥用和误用的事实 CDC website.

Do you need help locating an opioid treatment (buprenorphine) prescriber? Click here to locate a provider. 注:请致电客户服务中心 1- to confirm that the provider you have selected is in the True Health New Mexico network.


True Health New Mexico partners with CVS Caremark on a program that limits initial fills of certain high-risk medications and oncology medications to two 15-day supplies. 在头两个15天的补给用完之后, 全部订明数量将会一次覆盖.

This program will work to ensure that members can tolerate these medications and may reduce potential waste.



In late 2020, True Health New Mexico launched a medication therapy management (MTM) program. Members who are eligible for this no-cost clinical program will receive a phone call from a pharmacist. 药剂师将提供完成药物审查. The MTM team also will conduct medication adherence outreach to members who qualify for the adherence program. In this program, you may receive reminders when you are late to refill medications for chronic conditions. Taking prescribed medications on a regular basis leads to better outcomes in chronic conditions.

大多数会员认为MTM程序很有用. MTM程序可以识别诸如药物相互作用等问题, dosage issues, duplicated therapies, unnecessary medications, 还没有开出必要的药物, etc. Members who prefer not to participate in the program can tell the caller they want to opt out.


Some specialty medications may qualify for third-party copayment assistance programs that could lower your out-of-pocket costs for those products.

For any such specialty medication for which third-party copayment assistance is used, the member shall not receive credit toward the plan’s deductible or out-of-pocket maximum for any copayment or coinsurance amounts that are applied to a manufacturer coupon or rebate.

If a covered prescription drug was paid for by using a drug manufacturer’s coupon or copay card, this amount will not apply to the member’s plan deductible or out-of-pocket limit.

搜索我们的copaycard累计药物清单 here.


Your prescription drug benefits are provided by True Health New Mexico Pharmacy Services, 由CVS Caremark管理. 您可以联系CVS Caremark 1-. True Health New Mexico requires you to use a pharmacy in the CVS Caremark network or CVS Caremark mail-order program. The CVS network includes major national and regional retail pharmacies, 以及当地和独立的药店, 遍及365电竞足球比分和美国.S.以及一家名为CVS专业药房的专业药房.

“真健康365电竞足球比分”提供药物保险, supplies, supplements, and administration of a drug (if such services would not otherwise be excluded from coverage). 药品必须由有执照和资格的提供者开处方. True Health New Mexico offers a $0 copay for many generic drugs for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and depression, on most plans.

365电竞足球比分True Health使用首选药物清单(处方). 这是我们涵盖的处方药清单. The formulary includes drugs for a variety of diseases and conditions. If you have questions about our formulary or your outpatient prescription drug benefits, 打电话给客户服务1-. You’ll find more information about prescription drug limitations and exclusions in the Exclusions 覆盖证明(会员手册)部分.


To help educate you about appropriate antibiotic use and to help you talk to your doctor about antibiotics, we’re offering links to Choosing Wisely’s patient education resources. They will help you learn when you should and should not take antibiotics.