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Welcome, Federal Employees and Retirees!

A Farewell from True Health New Mexico

By now you have received a letter from me telling you that, effective January 1, 2022, 真健康365电竞足球比分州将停止通过365bet足球比分健康福利(FEHB)计划提供健康保险.

We have truly appreciated the opportunity to serve you. This was a very difficult decision, 在仔细分析了我们的长期组织目标以及这些目标如何与人事管理办公室的目标保持一致后,才达成了上述目标. Our decision affects only the FEHB program. Going forward, we will continue to grow our individual and family, small group, and large group lines of business in New Mexico.

TRUE承诺在12月31日前继续为您提供我们的全面健康保险, 2021, 并解决此后在2021日历年期间收到的卫生服务方面出现的问题. For more information, please refer to the letter and FastFacts sheet you have received.

On behalf of everyone at TRUE, 感谢您选择我们为您提供医疗保险. 能成为FEHB社区的一员是我的荣幸. 我们希望我们能在未来的某个时候再次为您和您所爱的人服务.

Mark Epstein, MD, MBA
President and CEO

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This is your plan’s official approved brochure.

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A six-page summary of your plan benefits.

Benefit and Resource Guide

A summary of your benefits and our member perks.

Pediatric Vision Benefits

注册的19岁以下儿童有资格通过VSP获得儿科视力服务. Find the benefit summary below.

Find Your Prescription Cost-Share

Do you have questions about drug costs? Use the CVS Drug Cost Transparency tool.

Prescription Drug Prior Authorization

Prior authorization can be confusing. This document explains the process.

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Helpful forms you may need as a True Health New Mexico member.

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How to Enroll

Visit the Office of Personnel Management’s website to view your enrollment options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Plan

Do you cover my medication?
Select the Pharmacy and Formulary button above to go to the Pharmacy page, 然后选择365bet足球比分处方按钮,以查看365电竞足球比分真正健康计划涵盖的处方药列表.

What will the cost of my medication be?
In the second row of gray boxes above, select the Find your Prescription Cost-Share button. 找到一家药店,输入你的药物名称,找到你的药物费用.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?
No, 365电竞足球比分真健康不需要你的初级保健医生的转诊才能去看专科医生. However, 一些专家可能会要求你的初级保健医生转介之前安排访问.

What hospitals can I go to?
On our Quick-Search PDFs page, open the Hospitals in New Mexico and Texas document. You can download this document to your computer if you wish.

No, if you are an existing member in 2020, you will continue to use your current member ID card in 2021. 但是,如果你要求换领身份证,我们会给你办一张.

New members will receive ID cards.

What is my monthly premium?
In the FEHB HMO Plan Brochure button above, select the 2021 link. View detailed premium rate information on page 82.

Is preventive care covered?
是的,你的365电竞足球比分健康计划包括每年一次的常规体检. In addition, well-child visits, examinations, immunizations, and routine screenings, based on current recommendations, are covered.


您可能有资格继续从该提供商获得服务,并在您的“真正健康365电竞足球比分”计划中覆盖这些服务. This is called transition of care. Please visit our Care Management page to learn more.

Does my plan offer dental and vision coverage?
True Health New Mexico does not offer a dental plan. 我们为18岁以下的儿童提供视力保险(不提供成人视力保险).



Truly accessible care
The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid pace. 随着我们沿着这条道路前进,人们获得保健的新方式正在出现. At True Health New Mexico, 我们相信确保我们的成员无论在哪里都有能力去看医生.

What is virtual care?
虚拟医疗是一个术语,它包括医疗服务提供者与患者进行远程交互的所有方式. 这些服务也可称为虚拟访问、远程保健或远程医疗预约.

虚拟护理允许您通过能够治疗和诊断医疗状况的网络内提供商寻求非紧急服务, mental disorders, 以及其他不需要传统的当面拜访的情况, urgent care visit, or emergency care visit.

Telehealth visits during the COVID-19 pandemic
During the coronavirus pandemic, 继续接受健康所需的医疗保健服务对你来说很重要. 您的常规医疗服务提供商可能会提供远程医疗访问,作为在此期间接受非紧急护理的一种安全选择.

与您的供应商联系,了解远程健康访问是否适合您. “365电竞足球比分真健康”提供与亲自探访相同的福利水平.

Care Connect Nurse Advice Line
所有“真正的健康365电竞足球比分”成员都可以访问我们的护理连接护士咨询热线,该热线24/7提供服务 1-. 有经验的注册护士会和你讨论你的症状和情况.

Behavioral health
你的心理健康和你的身体健康一样重要. 这里有一些选项可以帮助你尽快得到你需要的护理.

Medical Cost Estimator Tool

Medical Cost Estimator Tool*


*True Health New Mexico的医疗成本估算器是一个在线工具,旨在帮助成员选择基于价值的服务. 该工具将为365电竞足球比分真正健康网络内的服务提供成本和质量比较. 一旦True Health New Mexico收到索赔,将根据成员的资格确定福利, benefits, limitations and exclusions, 会员保险证明书的条款在提供服务之日起生效.  

This tool does not guarantee benefits. 请参阅您的官方FEHB小册子,了解您的计划福利是如何运作的.