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在365电竞足球比分的真健康, we believe in the concept of patient-centered coordinated care and in working with a network of healthcare providers focused on keeping you healthy and out of the hospital.


浏览我们的 在线供应商目录 去找网络内的行为健康服务提供者. 如果您无法找到特定的提供者, 对你将要见到的提供者有疑问吗, 或者需要协助进行提供者目录搜索, 请在1点打电话给我们. 我们很乐意帮助你.

从2022年开始, most of our plans offer a $0 copay* for inpatient and outpatient behavioral and mental health services, including certain medications from participating pharmacies.

*The $0 copay for behavioral/mental health services does not apply to our HDHP plans.


Most True 健康 New Mexico members* can access short-term behavioral healthcare via Doctor on Demand. 安排一个有许可证的秘密视频访问, 在你舒适的家中进行网络治疗. Doctor on Demand therapists can help you find solutions to depression, 焦虑, 工作压力, 上瘾, 和更多的. 了解更多有关 远程医疗 页面.

*Most True 健康 New Mexico plans include this service at no cost. 高免赔额健康计划(HDHP)成员, the applicable copay or coinsurance will apply until you meet your deductible. Visit our 远程医疗 页面 for more information on your cost at the time of service.


We are committed to removing barrier to access for behavioral health services. 1月1日起, 2022, certain behavioral health medications will be covered at a $0 member cost-share. You can find the list of $0 behavioral health medications in the preface of the 2022 True 健康 New Mexico formularies on our 2022年药学/处方文件页.

0美元的行为健康药物清单从页开始 ix 在2022年大集团处方和页 x 2022年个人和小组处方. 可能会有一些限制.


做一下这个免费的行为健康评估 在线.


If you think you need to visit a behavioral health provider and have never seen one before, 你可能需要帮助才能找到适合你的人.


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Behavioral health providers are specially trained healthcare professionals. 他们诊断和治疗行为健康问题. The services they offer depend on their training and specialty. Some behavioral health providers may specialize in certain areas, 如抑郁症, 物质滥用, 婚姻, 和/或家庭治疗. 它们可以在不同的环境下工作, 像私人诊所, 医院, 社区机构, 或其他设施. It’s a good idea to ask the provider questions about their specialty before making an appointment.

  • 精神科医师(医学博士): A medical doctor (physician) with special training in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional illnesses. Like other doctors, psychiatrists can prescribe medication.
  • 心理学家(博士大多数): A provider trained in psychology, a science that deals with thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Psychologists diagnose and treat a number of behavioral health disorders. 他们提供一对一或小组辅导. They cannot prescribe medication unless they are licensed to do so.
  • Master - prepared (LPCC, LMFT, LCSW, LPAT等.): These persons can diagnose mental and emotional illnesses and provide individual and group counseling. 除了, 他们提供了评估, 心理疏导, 以及一系列其他服务, 这取决于他们的执照和培训. They may work with another provider who can prescribe medication, if needed.
  • 你的担忧或状况. Most behavioral health providers treat a range of conditions. However, one with a specialized focus may be more suited to your needs. 在一般情况下, 症状越严重或诊断越复杂, 你就需要更多的技能和培训. This often means specialized training after the master’s or doctoral level.
  • 你是否需要药物治疗,心理咨询,或者两者都需要. Most behavioral health providers are not licensed to prescribe medications. You may need to see more than one behavioral health provider; for example, a psychiatrist to manage your medications and a psychologist or another mental health provider for counseling.
  • 如果供应商在我们的网络中. You can search for in-network behavioral health providers in our provider directory (see 365电竞足球比分 靠近本页的顶部).
  • 需要问多少问题就问多少. Finding the right match is key to setting up a good relationship and getting the most out of your treatment.
  • Don’t base your final decision about your provider on your first visit. This visit is more about introducing yourself and talking in general about your need for services. During the following visits, you and your provider will go deeper into your specific needs. You can then decide if you and your provider are a good match.

有时, the need for behavioral healthcare may require hospitalization or a visit to the emergency room. Timely outpatient follow-up with a behavioral health provider is also a critical step after seeking services at the hospital.

住院治疗. If you have been hospitalized for behavioral health or substance abuse issues, you are at highest risk of going back to the hospital during the first seven days after going home. Studies have shown that the most successful way to prevent a return of symptoms is to see an outpatient behavioral health provider within seven days of your discharge.

ER访问. The same is also important if you went to the ER for behavioral health or substance-abuse issues and were not admitted to the hospital. Research supports that being seen by a behavioral health provider within seven days of an ER访问 greatly decreases the risk of future ER访问s, 你的病情恶化, 或未来的住院.


Our Medical Management team wants to make sure you receive the appropriate behavioral healthcare with the best provider for your needs. You can reach our Care Management team for help with receiving behavioral health services at 1-.